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Canada Life Global Growth Equity Fund

December 31, 2022

A growth-style equity fund seeking strong long-term growth from investments around the world.

Is this fund right for you?

  • You want your money to grow over a longer term.
  • You want to invest in a wide range of Canadian growth companies, including junior growth companies.
  • You're comfortable with a medium level of risk.

Risk Rating

Risk Rating: Medium

How is the fund invested? (as of October 31, 2022)

Asset allocation (%)

Name Percent
US Equity 56.9
International Equity 40.5
Canadian Equity 2.5
Cash and Equivalents 0.1

Geographic allocation (%)

Name Percent
United States 56.9
United Kingdom 5.4
Germany 4.4
Philippines 2.9
Japan 2.9
Netherlands 2.9
China 2.8
Canada 2.6
Indonesia 2.6
Other 16.6

Sector allocation (%)

Name Percent
Technology 26.0
Financial Services 18.1
Healthcare 11.7
Consumer Services 11.4
Consumer Goods 7.2
Industrial Goods 6.7
Basic Materials 5.9
Industrial Services 4.9
Energy 3.6
Other 4.5

Growth of $10,000 (since inception)

Data not available based on date of inception

Fund details (as of October 31, 2022)

Top holdings %
Microsoft Corp 3.5
Apple Inc 3.3 Inc 3.1
Charles Schwab Corp 2.4
Alphabet Inc Cl C 2.3
Tesla Inc 1.8
Roper Technologies Inc 1.8
Goldman Sachs Group Inc 1.7
Nu Holdings Ltd Cl A 1.6
Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk PT 1.4
Total allocation in top holdings 22.9
Portfolio characteristics
Standard deviation -
Dividend yield 1.3%
Average market cap (million) $391,854.6

Understanding returns

Annual compound returns (%)

1 MO 3 MO YTD 1 YR
{{snapShot.Return1Mth|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return3Mth|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.ReturnYTD|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return1Yr|customNumber:1}}
{{snapShot.Return3Yr|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return5Yr|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return10Yr|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.ReturnInception|customNumber:1}}

Calendar year returns (%)

2022 2021 2020 2019
{{snapShot.Return1YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return2YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return3YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return4YrCalendar|customNumber:1}}
2018 2017 2016 2015
{{snapShot.Return5YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return6YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return7YrCalendar|customNumber:1}} {{snapShot.Return8YrCalendar|customNumber:1}}

Range of returns over five years

Best return Best period end date Worst return
Worst period end date
Data not available based on date of inception
Average return % of periods with positive returns Number of positive periods Number of negative periods
Data not available based on date of inception

T. Rowe Price Group Inc

Contact information

Toll free: 1-888-252-1847

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